Boolean union failed


Can anyone please explain why the boolean union failed and how can I do it correctly?

Fan.3dm (3.7 MB)

Your SubD fan blades appear to be open. Try adding thickness with t Offset SubD command.

I tried on one blade:

I can not see in Rhino 8 t Offset SubD command, do I miss something?

There is no thickness, ( Distance=1 Solid=No BothSides=No DeleteInput=No FlipAll ). What is the parameter you used?

Solid = Yes
Thickness I think 0.1 towards the outside

Hi Luis - for a Boolean operation to work, the inrtersection between each pair of objects must not be an open curve - that is, you should be able to trim both objects with the curves of intersection of the objects. In your example, if you Intersect a blade with the hub, the resulting curve is just an open, shallow U shape that cannot be used to trim the hub.


If you close the blade by offset is one way - then the curve of intersection will be closed and you should be able to Boolean*