Boolean Union failed and remove the object!

Hi there, I have sample design, but when I try to do “Boolean Union” it’s remove the green object !!

The below is the design .

After I click “Boolean Union”

then the green legs are deleted !!

The below attachment is the design .
watchholder.3dm (4.8 MB)

The surface normals point into the upper volume rather than out. Use Dir to see the normal directions and the Flip option to flip the normals. After the normals are flipped BooleanUnion should work as expected.

Rhino sets the normal direction as out of closed volumes. However the upper volume is not a closed volume. There are several holes which appear to be connected with fillets. Also there are naked edges which can be seen using ShowEdges.

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Thanks a lot , it’s resolved, as I have another question, is there a quick way to close the holes ?

If you just had planar holes you could do CAP:

This hole is four-sided so networksrf or edgesrf can fill it. The same is true of the one opposite it.

This hole is a more problematic:

Your best bet would be to do whatever you did on the opposite side and not create the triangular opening.
In the alternative, you need to draw a curve to create a planar opening at the top and use planarsrf.

For the triangular opening, you might get away with edgesrf or networksrf. However, you’d be better of making that a four-sided opening if you can before filling it.

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Thank you for your help …