Boolean Union wrong


Hi Chuck
In the attached file there is a strange result of boolean union.
Ciao Vittorio
CBooleanUnionFailed.3dm(539.8 KB)

(Chuck Welsh) #2

Hi Vittorio,

I see and will put it on the list. Unrelated to the boolean failure, I’m running into errors while opening the file. These are errors that you should not notice since they are just warnings that show up in a debug build, but I would like to figure out where they are coming from. Do you remember exactly how you saved this? Save Small, geometry only, cut and paste from another file, etc?

Chuck Welsh
Robert McNeel and Associates


Hi Chuck
I have create a cylinder and sphere , Boolean Union and Save Geometry only.
I attached new file . With vertical cylinder the result is okay Always.
Ciao Vittorio

BooleanFailed.3dm(1.7 MB)

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