Boolean union and subtract - intersecting cylinders

I would like to join two elements together but can’t seem to work it out, intersecting the components doesn’t work… I’ve tried splitting and intersecting, trimming… I don’t want to use a slightly smaller cylinder if I can help it.

Any ideas how I can intersect these two?

Ring_01.3dm (442.8 KB)

Hmmm… I was expecting at least some solution or work around :blush:

I can see where the pinch points are, it’s a tricky one.

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Ah… I was able to split it down the middle along the horizontal axis and then trim the shapes…

Ring_02.3dm (388.2 KB)

Hi 2DCube- when Boolean operations fail, the first thing to do is check the curve(s) of intersection among the objects - that will usually give a good clue as to what is going wrong. In this case, three intersection curves are returned, but not all of the expected ones… i.e. a bug. Your solution is fine…


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