Boolean - Connect issue


Can some tell me how I can Connect these three parts into one solid?
I’ve tried Boolean, Intersect-Split-Join, and nothing works. The intersecting curves are closed curves.
What am I missing here?

Boolean - Split Join Issue.3dm (841.2 KB)

Hi Paul,

I did a boolean Union and got an exlamation point dot stating a surcae intersection error

When checking the point reveils the bottom surface mesh seems to have an issue

There is a very thin surface between the two sufaces:

I extracted the 3 surfaces duplicated the 4 main edges and joined them into 2 cuves.

Next I lofted the 2 curves and joined the resulting surface to the main part.
A boolean between the 2 was now possible:

As for the bottom and middle part, both have surfaces already parrtially split at the intersection with the bottom part:

I extracted the subsurfaces and duplacated edges to trim the overlapping parts from both parts:

The bottom part again had a trailing thin surface I deleted:

After joining all, there was still an open edge:

zoomin in reveald the top surface to not be trimmed correctly.

I extracted the surface

and duplicated the curved edges, joined them and made a loft:

joining that to the rest made a polysurface with yet another tiny open edge:

And unfortunately I need to stop here because I have an appointment :grimacing:
I hope the steps will help in fixing the other issue.
Boolean - Split Join IssueWD.3dm (774.1 KB)


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This surface is thin enough that simply removing it and rejoining the ones on either side lets it all work.


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Thanks @Willem @pascal

I still Had to go through contortions to finish the bottom part by taken the intersecting bottom part of the top part and extending edges and trimming the intersection.
What I don’t understand is why the intersecting curves did not work? and after very careful modelling I still had issues.