Boolean 1 brep from a group of breps

I’m trying to boolean subtrack 1 brep from a group of brepsstud (16.9 KB)

I already did this for you. If you have questions about it, why not ask them in the original thread?

If the key word in this thread title is “group”, you have to Ungroup for SDiff.

Hi Joseph,
I tried to understand what you did, so I could do it myself for further stuff. You also seem to have a copywrite in one of the routines and I didn’t want to infringe on that. Sorry not trying to offend.

this is what I didstud (17.9 KB)

are you familiar with VisualARQ? The way they build walls doesn’t include a North American stud wall and I wish to add it

Does that mean you won’t be using any plugins? The copyright is unintentional, you have my permission to use it and modify it any way you please, without attribution to me. Do you understand what that bit Srf EL does and how it works? This is the code inside:


Useful for many things and much faster than using Area, which can be slow when there are many complex geometries. I have a companion to it called Srf SL which has the same code inside but returns only the smallest and largest (first and last) from the sorted list.

I take it you have no idea what the code I posted two days ago is doing? Oh well.

By the way, setting “Don’t draw any preview geometry” in a GH file is very confusing.