Bongo3 | Cycles animation on youtube


last I build an animation per Bongo 3 and Cycles. Now my client post it on youtube.

Thank you for all the kind and patient help from @Luc, @marika_almgren and @nathanletwory. Without your help the animation would not have succeeded.



Thanks for sharing, looks great!

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Nice work Micha! Interesting brand to work for :slight_smile:
If I may give one small point of critique it’s the spring that goes through the part, that looks a bit odd. I would have liked to see that inserted into the hook and then assembled together. I especially like the first part of the animation how you inserted the cards and money :slight_smile:
Any statistics on project time and rendertime you can share?

Thank you for your hints @Gijs

Your are right, a pre-assembled spring could better looking, but my client like to get it so. :wink:

The other video, where cards and money are added was an animation from some years before rendered per Bongo2|V-Ray2.

Creating the animation was quite time-consuming, as I first had to find a suitable setup (based on the new Bongo features) with the strong help of Luc. Pure physic didn’t work so well, but with connections it worked nice stable. The team also had to fix a few bugs. Thank you for the quick help.

For the final billing I used a price per final second. I estimate that I would need about 1 week for the animation if everything runs optimally.
The computing times were about 25s per frame and there were 1500 frames. So the calculation took about half a day.