BMW Vision next 100

hello,everybody,how to achieve the texture,the BMW Vision next 100


Without being more specific, i can only imagine you are asking, how to model it.
I would recommend you look into paneling tools for GH.
In essence what i believe you are looking for is how to panel any kind of surface with triangles.

In the future, you will have to be more specific about your questions.
Perhaps take a look at the How to ask effective questions

Im sorry about my unexactly question ,here is my question, I can t figure out how to match up two texture in two surfaces that have one same edge,what s more,one surface is trimmed.I have tried paneling tools,it still cant make it out.

(in the official photo,the BMW designers seems used grasshopper to do it)


you will need to use some sort of path curves or surface-based curve-grid, which then gets projected onto the freeform surfaces. After projection you usually start building surfaces. This task is non-trivial and as such can’t be solved by simple plugin usage only. Furthermore, the pattern and the underlying shape defines the strategy of mapping. So there is no universal solution.

Sure, this could be a grasshopper project. This appears to be CGI generated; and if I dare to say, the design is lacking in refinement. Note a) how the ‘radiator opening’ profile is unrelated to the triangular mesh border; b) the pattern as the fairing nears the wheel well relies on color, rather than good pattern design, for its effect; c) the vertical lines that are concentric or ‘parallel’ to the wheel well opening appear to be parallel to the planes of principal aerodynamic stress across he fairing, and to my eye look like they will fracture easily if made of polymer. If made of metal, they will also be very difficult to keep clean.
I could go on, but as shown, this is a fairly straightforward GH project so much so that you would think that the design will be refined a it before put into production.

Its a built showcar! However, showcars are usually lacking the final and very important refinement. In additions to that, a showcar usually ignores many technical and safety related design influences. But that’s not the point of a showcar. The idea is to present , well the name already says it, a vision. The point of this pattern is its dynamic feature. You may look at a video showing the membrane changing when steering the car. Apart from that, I personally don’t like the newish tendency of applying patterns everywhere on a car just because you can do it. Less is more. And I’m saying this although I earn money with doing exactly the same kind of work, just for another big car brand. And yes we do these kind of jobs in Grasshopper, just not necessary 100 % of the work.
In reality its a mix of manual tweaking and automating. Scripting as well.

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