Block with multiple Text Fields from a single Object selection

I love the rhino 7 ability to use the same title block on every layout where it reads the page name, date, and other user info.

I’m trying to create a similar method for creating sheet annotation such as drawing titles. The drawing title is able to read all the elements I need, but I have to select each one independently and keep it as a group rather than as a block. I’ve also tried this method in grasshopper using Human but an unable to reference text field attributes other than the detail name.

Is there a way to tie a block with multiple text fields to a single object selection? In this case it would be a detail title tied to a detail view. It seems like this is almost a block attribute text, but I haven’t quite gotten there.

I have a good method of doing this but it’s grasshopper and not the most up to date. If you don’t get a good response i’ll post it.

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Hey @Rickson it doesn’t look like that question got much traction. I’d love to see the grasshopper method if you’d be willing to share.


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Depending on how the “1”, “A2.01”, and “Floor Plan” are defined, yes, that should be doable with an attributed block.

I’d like to be able to do it with a single attributed block, so when I place the block I select the detail object once and it understands the name, scale and number of the detail. Is that possible? As of now it appears each text field needs to select the object independently. Thanks

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That’s the way it is for now, yes. I’ve added your request to the open wish item - RH-55628.