Block instances not changing layer

I inserted a block and chose the active layer as the preference.
Now, after making several copies of the blocks, I would like to move some of the blocks to another layer. Due to some unusual conditions, the blocks are not shifting to another layer.


When right-click on layer 03 and clicked on select objects, it selects those instances but not really are in that layer.

Any suggestions?

Edit: It is happening with other blocks. I mean other blocks are working perfectly. I’ll check if something is wrong with this particular block.

Hello - keep in mind that a block instance has a layer like any other object, but the underlying objects in the block definition are also on layers, maybe all different ones, so a block in effect has, potentially, multiple layers associated with it. What the the behavior that you see that tells you the layer is not changing?

Yes, I know that. Like, when I import 3dm/or any block instance it comes with a layer. But when I try to make copies of that and try to move one or two instances into a new layer, that was giving me the problem.

Hello - OK, so, to get help, you’ll need to provide a file (either here or or send us the file at Please include a link back to this conversation in your comments.) or describe in more detail what is happening that you do not like.