Block Edit - List Nested Instances as ObjectNames instead?

This post may, itself, be a nested block of a question, as I know there’s a long vocal history of using nested blocks. But maybe this iteration is so simple it’s new? (Prob not :slight_smile: )

Is it possible that the Block Edit window could list the ObjectNames of everything in the block, as opposed to just repeating the BlockName of each nested Instance?

For instance (see what I did there?)…

  • Inside a block called KitchenTable, I have two nested instances of a “GenericLeg”.
  • I go in and using the Properties panel, I give one nested instance the Unique Object Name, “LegRight” and the other, “LegLeft”.
  • Now, in the BlockEdit window, I’d love to see something like:

And if there are nested instances with no unique object names given to them, simply label them numerically - the first instance as just the BlockName, and additional instances as BlockName-1, BlockName-2, etc.

There is currently a brand new block manager in RhinoWIP ! I wouldn’t say it’s a finalised new feature, but you can indeed do exactly that already :

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Well, DANG.

I think a Ferrari and some cookies would be nice, too……

Checking out the Block Manager now – shout-out to McNeel Dev Peeps! @brian et al

Wish List: Would like to suggest the ability to Expand/Collapse the tree(s) the same way we can in the Layers panel.

Hi Alan -

Could you be more specific about this one?

Sure thing, thx. I’m referring to the ability to Right-Click at the bottom of the Layers panel to get the menu for options to “Collapse All” and “Expand All”