Block Definitions slow in Rhino 8 WIP

In Block Definitions I have several linked blocks. One of the is a rather large file (500 MB). Every time I am changing anything in Block Definitions Rhino will freeze for about a minute. Also at opening the Block Definitions Window. I guess it´s due to reloading the linked file, even though neither the file has changed nor my reference of it. The same setup in Rhino 7 would not complain or lag and still operate smoothly though.

Hi Phillip- thanks, I’ll see if I can reproduce this.
@phillip so far I do not see this, though my test files are more in the 250MB range - is your large, linked file on a local disc or a netowork, or?


Hi Pascal, my file is on a local ssd. It also contains quite a few embedded (not linked) blocks as it is a conversion from a dwg. Best, p

Hi Phillip -

Would you be able to share the file so that we can have a closer look?
You can use Rhino - Upload to Support to upload it. Make sure to mention the url of this thread in the comments field.