Identifying the cause of a file taking 2 mins to open and paste from also taking ages?

I have block instances of a bolt with thread, does that not allow Rhino to make light work of things ?
1 bolt shouldn’t be an issue.
Its just taken a few mins for the file to open, first time it said Rhino not responding.
If I copy paste a simple object out from that file to a new file, it takes ages to appear in the new file, as if its taken with it the ‘aspect’ of the file that is causing slowness.

Is there any way to identify whats causing this slow file. Find an object that is repeated that isnt a block instance for example as any repetition of any object causes Rhino to enter slo-mode mode.

What can I do to free this file of this issue ?

Should I save small then work with that file from then on ?


Hi Steve - ClearAllMeshes, save, close and reopen Rhino and the file - is that quicker?


Hi Pascal, that seems to be a lot better , 5 secs versus a minute.

What does that do ?

I am scared to create any repetitious objects, and block instance is not my friend, they wont behave like normal objects, appearing on layers they shouldnt be on, trying to select them and not all of them**, they show up in block manager on light blue colour yet they exist on grey layer and so on, refusing to change colour, time is spent trying to sort them out rather than getting on with the project.
Understanding them is like knowing they are puppies on elastic leads and will be going all places at once, doesnt help control them though !

How do I select all block instance of a certain block creation moment when doing array, by clicking on one that I find ?
If I choose select block instance I get 120 when I am after 40.
In blockinstance manager I see a light blue one, though its in reality grey in colour as its on the wrong layer, but selecting it sees three lots of 40 selected.
Selecting on layer name doesnt work as they are not on the layer I expected them to be on.

I eventually get hold of the 40 and move them to the light blue layer, they wont change colour when I change the layer colour to magenta, how is that achieved ?

I do struggle with them !!!

and despite working with them I had this slow file,

so what does ClearAllMeshes do ?

I decide to use export selected and open that instead of copy paste, it opens quick. I have forgotten to select an item and have now lost that selection, so I select the item , edit copy, go to the new file edit paste and it takes 15 secs to appear.

why is it that a simple object from that file is taking so long to paste into a new file, despite ClearAllMeshes having been used ? …normally copy paste is instant.

In a new file attached, created by ‘export selected’ then opening that file, take the indicated blue curve and copy paste into same file, takes 8 secs, why ?
copy paste from file to itself too slow.3dm (1.5 MB)

Steve -

FWIW, it’s instant here on the Rhino 8 WIP that I had open.

It deletes all display meshes for all objects and will put all your viewports in the Wireframe mode.
For further reading, check the help file.

The file has a bunch of image link. Those might also take some time to load, no?