BlendSrf in Rhino 6 different

a simple BlendSrf creates strange results in Rhino 6 with 4 surfaces and 4 seams with G0 continuation, where Rhino 5 created one surface with a perfect continuous seam. did something change in the idea of the topology creation or is this a bug?


Untitled.3dm (3.5 MB)

Hello - yeah… this is fallout from a change allowing very simple edges to make simple blend surfaces - I confess this one behaves a little strangely even with ‘Interior shapes’ enabled - you need to add at least one shape for the thing to be refit the way you’d expect.

If the trimming curves on the planes are rebuilt, it also behaves more predictably - the tangent segments on the current trims are what is splitting this up as it attempts to make the simpler surface.


hi Pascal, thanks for the reply. i found out that the same is also true for lofts.

reading what you wrote i now remember that this was asked before some time ago… so this is going to stay that way? i can not really believe that since it is not desirable and makes it in any case more difficult and less intuitiv.

on the other side having simpler surfaces is desirable of course, but why not having a check for simple surfaces? it seems a bit strange implementing an upgrade making it feel like a downgrade…

hi guys, i have the feeling that this has been changed somehow its a bit buggy but works far better automatically without having to choose manual internal curves… would be nice if you would at least give some feedback and not just leave people out in the dark implementing stuff silently without even answering. makes me feel a bit like a crash test dummy. or did i miss something out @pascal?