BlendEdge created undesirable Batman fins

Hi Rhino Team (and @chuck),

Here’s simple _BlendEdge that should look good, and it makes some weird Batman fins instead.

Rhino File:

ugly_blendedge_gf_201111.3dm (2.6 MB)




I think the problem is because of the bad continuity of
between the two surfaces

Yeah its an offseted ellipse. But the BlendSrf tool knows how to solve that well, shouldn’t BlendEdge do the same?

she is supposed to succeed
I have the impression that blendedg seeks to maintain continuity between its parts.
what is translated by its small surfaces. …
it is true that it should keep the continuity g0 between the suefaces, without needing to generate these small surfaces

@gustojunk V6 does this one correctly. It seems that the setback code is getting called unnecessarily.

RH-61562 BlendEdge should not use a setback in this case

I’m still working on your previous example, which also involves the new setbacks. I should have them both done shortly.

@gustojunk This one was easy. Fix will be in V7 SR1.