Helix Blend

So I am what I trying to figure out is the easiest way to blend helix tangent continuous on each end, but keeping the radius the same as the helix. Both BlendCrv and Match will get close, and probably close enough for what I need, but as geometry purest always trying to be correct if I can.


Actually I think I may come up with a solution.

  1. Take the full helix and split it a the point where I want the blend to start at.
  2. Turn on control points for the blend section.
  3. Move the second point down vertically so that it lines up with the straight curve.

Since the top blend is already tangent. I would just need to adjust the bottom of the curve.

You might also try ArcBlend… If you use it with History on you can also adjust the input curves and have it update to get a nice visually smooth transition.


Yep that works perfect. Thanks Mitch