Blend Curve Pt (BlendCPt) by Script (C#)


is there a chance to access the function available in GH? Or can you show me how to exactly rebuild the curves coming out of this function? I need to automate this by a script.

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it is self-implement by the developer. There is no RhinoCommon.
What he does is, he creates Blendcurves …

Curve blend = Curve.CreateBlendCurve(curveA, curveB, blendContinuity, bulgeFactorA, bulgeFactorB);

… and iteratively increase or decreases the factors involved, until he reaches point X (as close as possible).
Therefore he measures the distance between the point and the closest point on the blendcurve.

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thanks for the answer. That’s what I feared, so there is no chance to get the same outcome as from the GH function. Maybe some GH dev can reveal the optimization algorithm and the cancel conditions? I have to do it for 4 million curves, so there could be a performance issue.

You may ask where do I know this from? :slight_smile: Since its not nice to do such things, I won’t tell you how you can get such information, but it has something to do with a C# Decompiler…

Sure it is always an option, but I try to avoid methods like that :wink:

why? Maybe its not a good idea to share information about decompiling (although its pretty easy for, but for solving a problem and learning this is a very valuable source and morally totally okay in my opinion.

I decompiled, and in deed it is not even dotfuscated, but could not find the function. Any hints?

check curve components gha

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and (maybe) this as well

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Thanks! Found and rebuild as an open C# component.