Blend color into lines for presentation graphics

I would like to be able to apply a gradual color change to curves I draw for presentation graphics. Kind of like a “softeditcrv” for display color. Ideally it would work something like this:

  1. select curve close to the end I want to change
  2. select a color to transition to
  3. specify how far into the curve to blend the color

Here’s an image with the kind of blend I am hoping for.

Sorry, but Rhino has not way to do that currently.
Your best option is to export Rhino’s curves into a format another application can open, and do the post-processing effect there.

Out of curiosity, what problem would this ability solve for you?

Hi Abraham,
Maybe (I’m on my phone so cannot test ) it’s an option for you to first
Run command ApplyCurvePiping this will create a mesh pipe over the curve in shaded display modes. (Make sure curves are set to be shown in that mode).

Next you can apply a material to the curve that has a gradient texture. The procedural textures can be adjusted to you liking.

Not sure how the piped curves are texture mapped but chances are they will show the gradient when in rendered display mode.

Does this make sense?

John- you asked about what problem this kind of display would solve-when making a 2D layout it would be helpful where a crease or other hard edge gradually blends away and disappears into a smooth surface. As the crease disappears I’d like the line to merge into the background color. Beyond that it could add a more “artistic” feeling to 2D work when used in a relatively loose style.

Willem- I think I understand you and will test this out. I can feel a Grasshopper definition coming…

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