Best way to set and display custom attribute data

I’m new to Rhino, please forgive me if this should be obvious!

Suppose I want to attach custom attributes (e.g. text or numeric fields) to objects such as polylines, and then later use line width or colour to display that data, also import or export it… i.e. what a GIS usually does.

Is there a standard way to do this in Rhino, or a plugin commonly used for the purpose?

Many thanks

Hello - take a look at SetUserText and the ‘Attribute user text’ part of object properties. Also, scripting access to this. (Python etc).


Ah that’s great! are there existing plugins/scripts that can colour or otherwise modify objects based on this text?

Hello -

there may well be, but I can’t imagine they will do what you need - it sounds like you have something pretty specific in mind.


A common way to handle this is to add attributes using Elefront – you can then call and organize them in grasshopper