Best way to learn Generative programs such as Galapagose, from the start


I am a graduate student and am in my first semester of my Architecture thesis project. I am doing my project on parametrics and optimization algorithms. In august I begin designing my project. I am designing a skyscraper in downtown San Francisco, utilizing four or five different ‘parameters’ which will help inform my design and overall building form. I am going to solve for optimizing views, sunlight, etc. I just started using grasshopper four months ago and find it to be a really steep learning curve. My plan is to learn the programs this summer, before I begin my design project in August.

I am wondering how to best learn these evolutionary solving platforms, such as Galapagose. I would really appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction. So far, I have watched probably every YouTube tutorial out there, but there are not many on Galapagose which teach you step by step. I have also looked into which could be helpful for learning view optimization, but that’s it.


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Maybe you should not miss these posts of @DavidRutten , no matter what you see or learn.


In addition to the blog posts, I always point our students to David’s terrific paper Navigating Multi- Dimensional Landscapes in Foggy Weather as an Analogy for Generic Problem Solving:


Hi i’m new heer too, i have been still lost in how to work with grasshopper, but tks for share this links.
it’s help me a lot


think parametric has a series of galapagos tutorials that were helpful.

galapagos fundamentals