Best practice: Import of inventor ipt into Rhino

Hi All
Could I get some feedback as to the above title? Im wanting to create a workflow as most work I do is parametric and usually casting moulds. Currently inventor is my go to and does 95% of my work work with no issue. Im open to change…but thoughts appreciated

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Hi there Wesse,

I don’t have a direct workflow for you but I wanted to let you know that I have had issues in the past creating geometry in Rhino and having it work properly in Inventor/Nastran.

My purpose was to model complex connection 3D geometry and import in Inventor/Nastran for modelling and analysis. The issue was that once in Nastran at times closed filled polysurfaces would not import correctly as full solids. Or the holes I split into plates where not being recognised correctly as full bolt holes.

When I modeled the same in AutoCAD using Extrude and Subtract I had no issues. I prefer to use Rhino in general and this could be just lack of knowledge about polysurfaces and solids from my part but good to take a note of.


Thanks for that info Arthur.
My main issue is using grasshopper as a surface finishing process in this case as there is nothing procedural that can be achieved simply in inventor (that I know of)
So are you using any parametrics in Rhino or is it usually single pass modelling and static modelling structures out? ie making parts for assemblies vs parametric objects?