Best approach to simplify curves

Hi All,

I would like to simplify many curves as the one shown below.
Most of cases a convertion to lines and arcs would be enough.

What is the best approach to do it?
Since there are a huge number of curves that i will need to simplify i would like to know if anyone knows of an efficient way.

simpify_crv.3dm (31.4 KB)

Hello- are all the curves this simple? You can trace over using Polyline, switching between Arc and Line modes but the hard part will be locating the ends of the arcs cleanly - the polylines you have are very dense.


Hi Pascal,

Most of the curves (approx 85%) can be reproduced with simpler shapes. I am aware of the process that you mentioned; while it is quite simple it is also very time consuming as we are talking about a huge number of curves (> 500) so i was secretly hoping that there was a faster way that i wasnt aware.

I don’t think so - if you send me a few representative curves, I’ll see if I can come up with something useful. For example, in the one you sent, BoundingBox in Front and then Fillet would get you the right lines and arcs but if the alignment is skewed there would be more steps involved.


Great! Tomorrow I will collect some curves and send them to you.
Most of them are skewed and bounding box will not work.
What could possibly work is to detect all segments that are straight and replace them by a straight line.
As for the remaining curved parts maybe by taking a few sample points and fit an arc/curve could work.

Hi @g.synetos
Have you tried Rhino Command “Convert”? I think the “MinLength” option is what you are looking for to solve the problem. I use this command a lot to clean up my WaterJet cutting file as offsetting curve is creating a great amount of control points that slow down the cutting progress. This command is quite useful in terms of machining / fabrication.