Beginner question about Grasshopper

Hi, unfortunately, I do not get answers to my questions, but I do not give up. :upside_down_face:
Here a new, maybe, stupid question.
After building an object with Grasshopper and backing them: How can I edit the object in Rhino, Boolean and so on.Backing options: I tried with/without grouping it)

I can not mark, copy or move it in Rhino(7)
Maybe I lack an intermediate step.

Could somebody helping me , please,
thanks B.

you have to bake the object. right click on it or use alt space which pops up a radial menu, there is a fried egg click it. be sure to mark the last component which exhibits your desired result. that will make the object editable in rhino.

these are very much beginner questions, unfortunately they are often being avoided, the user is expected to read up some basics or make some basic tutorials. which i also recommend if you have no other source of learning.

Hi encephalon, Please do not scold the same :roll_eyes: At some point everyone started :slightly_smiling_face:but thanks for your reply.
I have worked a tutorial, but the tutorial has not included my desired last step.

I baked the wires like you can see it on the img.
But than I can only mark and edit the Curves.

that i did not :wink: at least not intentionally.

you have to mark the component which highlights your object in green. this component you should bake.

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Many thanks, this works.