Beauty of Math

Hi everybody!

I used a hybrid tecnique: Grasshopper & math software


Looks amazing.

What did you do in math software that you couldn’t do in Rhino. As a maths layman it seems that a lot of the geometry capabilities math software would be capable of could be done in Rhino.

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I could do everything with Rhino and Grasshopper however sometimes is quicker use external math function software to draw complex surfaces. If you do all project in Rhino is better because you could change math parameters in the same environment.


Wow it’s so fancy ‘o’
I would like to learn more about it.
Could you please elaborate on it? what kind of tools did you use?

Dear Cpiccioli,

That is a great combination of Grasshopper and math. Do you tweak with formula in “Expression”? or use the math software separately to get formula?
Anyhow, your work is really great! Cheers!