Beam in hydrostatics seems wrong


When I run hydrostatics in Rhino5 on this example:wrong beam in hydrostatics.3dm (91.7 KB)

Volume Displacement = 1.05742e+08
Center of Buoyancy = 760.61, 1.27085e-07, -96.9876
Wetted Surface Area = 1.24929e+06
Waterline Length = 2556.04
Maximum Waterline Beam = 599.671
Water Plane Area = 1.53278e+06
Center of Floatation = 968.426, -6.56212e-14,0

The waterline beam mention 599, while the measured beam of the model in rhino is 332mm

I runned this:
Choose hydrostatics options ( WaterlineElevation=0 Symmetric=No Longitude=X ):

Cheers, Bas

Hi Bas - I see that, thanks.