BatchSaveSmall Scripting Help


Hello Forum!
Found this wonderful script written by Dale Fugier to Batch Save Small Rhino files.
Am using it with the recurse option to be able to Save Small a larger group of folders.

  1. After about doing 20 files the program slows down significantly. Could that be a memory issue?
  2. Have a lot of older version Rhino files from version 3 and 4. When running the script it stops for older versions to ask how you want them saved. Would like to be able to save all files as Rhino 5.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. We have about 3000-5000 older Rhino files we would like converted to Rhino 5 and also "Condensed"

Link to the script


I think this modification should work… not tested though…


BatchSaveSmall.rvb(3.2 KB)


Hi Mitch
Does not work. Although it doesn’t “prompt” for file type to save it doesn’t seem to Save Small. Folders are the same size before and after running script. Still gets really slows down after about 40-50 files. maybe add a “Clear Undo”?
Thanks for looking!


Hi Mitch
Found what appears to be a solution…Please see enclosed script.
Also added the clear undos to see if that helps to slowing after the script runs for a while.
Added rvb fileBatchSaveSmallSubfolders2.rvb(3.3 KB)


Hello NG
The script BatchSaveSmallSubfolders2 above works well on saving Rhino 3 files as Rhino 5.
But on Rhino 4 files it prompts whether you want to save as Rhino 3 or Rhino 5.
Would like it to save Rhino 4 Files as Rhino 5.
Any Ideas?