Batch Process multiple meshes with Mesh Mappper script

I am trying to remap many meshes’ UVs. Jess Maertterer wrote a beautiful script to do this one mesh at a time and now I am trying to adapt the script to batch process multiple meshes. original script found here

The script starts by selecting a mesh and then selecting a surface. The script remaps the UVs of the mesh to those of the surface and produces a newly mapped mesh.

I have 6144 meshes. Each mesh has 1 surface that corresponds to it (Surface_0001 to Mesh_0001) . I want the script to select the first mesh in a selected group, then select the corresponding surface from a group of surfaces, and execute the body of the script: automatically going through each mesh and surface combo)

I think I can do this by standard loop (i=0; i < meshgroup.Length; i++) but I am not sure where to start. I have not coded in VB before. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!!!

How are your surfaces and corresponding meshes marked to know which one corresponds to which in your file? Object name, object proximity or… ?
It should be relatively easy to process many at once by modifying Jess script but need to know how to pair up the meshes and surfaces first (maybe you can upload a small file sample)