Batch Layer Translation and Renaming


I have a file with ca 150 layers in German and wanted to translate them into English. I got all the layer names with Layer Table component, then Google translated them and planned to rename them with Create/Modify Layers component but I don’t think this component allows for changing the name of a layer, just changing different attributes.
Does anyone have a simple idea how to proceed with this? One idea I had was to create new layers and move the objects. However this might disrupt my blocks.
Any suggestions will be appreciated :slight_smile:

Because Create / Modify Layers uses the name as the way to uniquely identify the layer, it doesn’t support renaming. This very quick and dirty C# script should do the trick though:
rename (3.0 KB)


Thank you, Andrew!
It worked like a charm :slight_smile:

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Hi @andheum @Adam13
could you please post a screenshot of the rename wired in GH?
I have the same need but I can’t figure how to connect wires