Batch import .obj and move


I am wonderinf how to import and move every obj file next to the previous one in sequence based on file name (files are numbered: example: chair01)?

Importing them all at once, they all fall into the same location.

Below is my reference script from Mitch Heynick.

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
import scriptcontext as sc
import os

"""Imports all .obj files in a  folder. All geometry goes to current layer.
Import settings can be adjusted as needed, can be adapted to other formats. 
Script by Mitch Heynick 02.09.19"""

def OBJImportSettings():
    e_str = " _ImportObjGroupsAs=_ObjectNames "
    e_str+= "_IgnoreTextures=_No "
    e_str+= "_MapYtoZ=_No "
    e_str+= "_MorphTargetOnly=_No "
    e_str+= "_ReverseGroupOrder=_No "
    e_str+= "_Split32BitTextures=_No"
    return e_str

def BatchConvertToObj():
    #Get folders
    folder = rs.BrowseForFolder(message="Select folder to process")
    if not folder: return
    found = False ; counter=0 ; ext="obj"
    #Find Rhino files in the folder
    for filename in os.listdir(folder):
        if filename.endswith(ext):
            found = True
            #Open file to convert
            comm_str="_-Import "+chr(34)+fullpath+chr(34)+sett+" _Enter"
            rs.Command (comm_str, False)
            if rs.LastCommandResult()==0: counter+=1
    if not found:
        msg="No .{} files found in selected folder!".format(ext)
        msg="Successfully imported {} .{} files.".format(counter,ext)

What you will need to do once you have imported one file, is to get the content bounding box. Then, once the next is imported, get that boundingbox, and move it based on the found bounding boxes, and increase the size of the box for the next import.