BASICS: Elegant way to truncate list using Z coord as criteria

One other thing that Im prob over complicating is
I have a list of edges that I want to fillet in a brep but I want to target only those that are at a particular Z value
So List 1 = Full List
Apply criteria of Z = 0 for truncated list

Thanks for any help

Post your geometry!

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

Sure here it is
I was thinking purely in terms of abstracts but of course it makes sense to attach a file.
Have tried to simplify and internalised the list

Sort List Based On Z (84.7 KB)

You bet it does!! Why expect everyone else to create their own test geometry?

Sort List Based On Z (163.6 KB)

Cool! Thanks so much
So you use a series component basically as a dynamic iterator for the list and the equality as a boolean for the pattern input to the cull…nice

Will go and chew on that for a while :slight_smile:

FilEdge (Fillet Edge) ‘E’ input expects a list of edge indices, not edge curves.

Sure. Just translating the loop concept and series being the parallel of loop counter to go through the indices…makes sense…for me at least
Once again…gives me heaps to go on with and finish the bits.

Is there a reason to sort the list first? ie when the Z coordinate, in my case is 0 and not MIN? Ill have to loop the list regardless?


I did that to find the lowest Z value.

On the implicit understanding that Im migrating from text coding eg Python etc…takes time to map those concepts onto the graphic code of gh…thinking out loud for anyone else in the same boat.

Gotcha…I was referring to an arbitrary z value so wasnt sure why you would sort for lowest first but no matter; helps with the example anyway, cheers

When I run the fillet on the Z values of 0, the edge fillet leave voids at the ends; how is that normally handled?

Have used inventor for many years…and a fillet is fairly simple in its terminations and blends…

Keep chewing.