Sort the edges of a surface by z coordinate

Hello fellow rhino’s and grasshoppers,

I am in need of some help :slight_smile:

i have the following geometry

i am looking for a way to sort a list of surface edges by z coordinate so i can easily access all the lines needed. The lines i am looking for are the green ones in the picture. they are part of the diagrid. im using deconstruct surface>edges to select the edges but now i need to sort them out. some help would be much appreciated!

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578973, use the point on curve component to get a point, deconstruct said point, use sort component to asynchronously sort the lines by that value. If you need a specific group you can round and create a set & get its member index.

something like this…

sort lines by (15.2 KB)


Perfect! it works. thanks a lot :slight_smile: