Backgroundbitmap disappears on R7

As usual I’m a poor French confined boy, so I use the french version of Rhino wip. I will try toi explan my problem in the shakespeare language.
1/ place a picture on one view ( use backgroundbitmap tool) on front view ie.
2/ change the view from front to back ie : the picture on back ground is in place OK
3/ But clic on 4views icone and you lost the back-ground image.
I didn’t try this on R6.
I hope my explanation are ok.
Have a good day


BackgroundBitmap images are limited to one viewport. I am actually surprised that you can see the background bitmap in the opposite direction Ortho view (i.e. Top/Bottom, Right/Left, Front/Back) but in any case you cannot depend on a Background bitmap being visible in any viewport other than the one it was placed in.

BackgroundBitmap is considered as a deprecated command, it is suggested to use the Picture command instead. Picture objects are visible in all viewports.

Thanks for your answer, but I think my explaination was not good. I will make some screen capture, to explain better. unfortunaltely I has a big confidential job to finish, I can’t use it for my explaination, so I will answer next week.

Have a good week-end. Bon week-end à vous.


If you are saying that the background image that was set in the viewport goes away when you click on _4View, I do not see that happening here, either in V6 or in V7. 4View does seem to change the Zoom level, so maybe the bitmap zoomed out of the viewport so you can’t see it anymore, but is still there?

Hi Laurent - the bitmap will disappear if placed in a viewport that is not one that is restored with 4View - (Top, Right, Front, Perspective, in English) that is, if you have renamed the view or placed it in a NamedView - does that explain it? Also I see it is not saved in NamedViews.


Yes it is