Background people in rhino scene

Hi guys,

You know sometime it is painful to export rhino scene JPG without any background people and trees.
I tried to find something online, majority of them are 3d people with really heavy resolution mesh.

I`m thinking some 2D people like in sketchup, when you rotate the camera, the 2D people will always be oriented towards the camera. Anybody know if that kind of method is achievable in Rhino and any resources for that?

Thank you very much!


Hi Lei,

I use some simple silhouettes from an old Illustrator file which I hatch with a solid colour. You can use these as planes and orientate them manually to face the camera but I don’t know of any sketchup-like way to do this automatically.

Good idea though, it would be handy if there was a script which could take the surface normal of a selected object/plane and orient it toward the active camera along the X Y axis.


Pascal has a script called FaceCamera which I use with the little ‘flat people’ I export out of SketchUp to use in my Rhino models. They always pivot on their xy center to face the camera.

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I tried Jody`s method and it works!
Here is the link of the scrpts website which contains many useful utilities.

I have asked for billboarded objects before.

Nice script! It would be even nicer to have this work with blocks too. I’m working with trees that are sometimes going to be shown as silhouettes and other times as 3d objects. Is there another way for me to have this duality?