Axial stress results showing compression when I applied internal pressure

I made a beam element named ropes and applied internal load ONLY, but the result in the axial stress of the beam (rope) shows compression. Shouldn’t all the model be subject to tension only? There are red spots inside of the element but also on the outside, did I did something wrong in the process? or in the crosssection or supports? (118.5 KB)


this is due to your geometry as it deforms, it induces compressive forces in the elements at the bottom and the top of the your structure.

Although a beam itself is in tension the axial stress can show compressive and tensile parts as the beam deforms - if you look at both sides of the beam, one is usually in tension and the other is in compression.

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Hi Mathew thanks so much for the explanation, can I ask how to get those detailed images of the beams?

those are the section forces in the BeamView component, you should activate the meshes and Nx to see the axial forces.

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