Automation of Maxwell Render Scene to File

I am trying to develop a tool set for the automation of Maxwell scenes for an animation. I am very well versed in Grasshopper and have been using the scarab plugin to assign custom materials to various objects. Unfortunately, I can only output a single frame manually.

I’d like to develop some python tools to use within grasshopper, that allow me to:

  1. Assign custom materials from to objects (currently achieved using scarab plugin)
  2. Assign Camera and environments for the Maxwell render engine
  3. Export .mxs file to specified folder with sequential file name

There are other parameters that I would like to be able to control, but this is a good starting point.



Am I able to import pymaxwell?

Hi, you might first install it so it runs from the console. If you have not installed Python at all you might try to import the module path by defining it inside Rhino`s built in python editor under:

Tools / Options / Files

I´m not shure how this works using Grasshoppers Python module.