Automatically merge Cluster Inputs from the same source


is it possible to automatically merge all inputs of a cluster that come from the same source?

for example, if I have 2 components using the same inputs

and I later decide it will be better to arrange than into a cluster, the cluster will make a different input for each component:
I then have o go inside the cluster, find the input letter and reconnect it to components:
so the final cluster will look like it only need to connect from 2 sources:

This is fine with small clusters, but when they are massive with 30 or more inputs doesn’t really work to reconnect the same sources manually, specially because they are only letters. Organizing the inputs will make it much easier to reuse the cluster again.

is there a way to see all inputs that come from the same source inside a cluster?

hope I manage to explain the problem.

I always do this to make the canvas a bit more slender, hope it helps

Pancake menu → Cluster operation → Merge identical inputs