Automatic Moving Native Rhino Geometry

I’m trying to create c# component to project native rhino geometry (i.e. curves) to a plane using GUID.
I’m an architect. The basic idea for this is to create structural grids on a plane and move them to a current cplane so that I can edit grids on a working plane. I do not want to copy grids to every working planes because if I need to edit grids, I have to do that on every plane.
I do not have deep understanding of c# code. This is my first trial.

var obj = Rhino.DocObjects.ObjRef(id);
var source = obj.Curve();
RhinoDoc.ActiveDoc.Objects.Transform(id, Transform.ProjecToPlane(source, pl), true);

Somebody can help me out to correct error?

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Hi @archist97,

Are you writing a Grasshopper component or a C# plug-in? In your code snippet, what is id and where did it come from?

– Dale

Moving Object from GH.3dm (29.6 KB) Moving Object from (14.0 KB)
Moving Object from GH

Hi. Dale
I attached the files I’m working on currently. I think it will take too much time to create code myself. I used the c# code created by others. In my understanding, the basic idea of the code is to reference ID of the curves and reference points to move native rhino curves. The problem is I have to create “originRef” point manually. I think it’s easier to project the curves on planes and am trying to modify the code to do that. However, it’s not easy for me because I’m totally new to coding. It’ll be very help if you give a piece of advice to achieve that.