Automate iterations on rhino plug in (umi)

I am using a plug in called UMI on Rhino 6. I can build a building in this plug in. However, I want to run 2000+ iterations of this building by changing a few input parameters, uploading different input files to the plug in, run the simulation and save these results. I do not know how to run these iterations since, as far as I know, the plug in does not have such a function where I can vary the parameters and generate different simulations automatically. What would you recommend me? should I try to automate these by creating a batch file? or should I do this in visual studio or in python? any tipps would be very much appreciated.

By simulating mouse/keyboard operations, e.g. WinIO.

Thank you! I am very new to this, do you know where I could find more information on this/best learn how to do it?

If you want to browse thru the 200 iterations, here is one interface to do it:

thank you very much. I am wondering how I can create the 200 iterations? any resource that might be helpful to look at?