Autolabel for solid nurbs

hi to all boys,
I need a hand.
I’m working on this autolabel because I need to give an objname to all objects following an order like this script (by vector).
This autolabel, however, assigns a textdot that is placed in the centroid of the solid that I need but which greatly strains the computer. (a lot of time)
I do not know how to solve the problem with a quicker calculation but to do the same thing.
the same script for light obj (2d, 3d) is very fast but I need it for a piece of solid nurbs.
maybe a bounding box?
it’s enough for me to just give an objectname without placing a text dot
Tnx guysprova count.3dm (1.8 MB) (2.7 KB)


What if a girl wanted to help you out ? :slight_smile:

You can try to speed up the process by disabling screen redraw when placing the dots, by using rs.EnableRedraw outside of processing the objects.
See if this one (2.8 KB)

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Hi Pie,

Try this script: (1.8 KB)

It takes the objects bounding-box regardless of it being a mesh,curve,polysurface or …

It does not create dots, but it does rename the objects.


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love jarek

thanks willem you’re a great one.
You are my guest in Rome when you want
thanks to you jarek, being able to sort objects by object name is enough for me.
thank you so much guys

if I can afford I would have another question to ask:
the lines of objects to be selected are not always simple lines but tend to go back or create spirals.
the ideal would be to select objects according to the direction of the spline vector
I love you

Hi Pie(llo)

You are in luck, I’m testing scripts today that take a while before they are finished.
So in the waiting time I adjusted the script so you can now sort objects based on a curve
NOTE: the curve direction is used so you might need to flip the curve to get the right direction

I implemented a way to visualize the sorting order: a group of lines is made goin from black to white to indicate the sorted order:

the script: (2.7 KB)


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Willem you’re a fucking genius, the script works very well.
the objects were numbered in order of spline (distance + direction) from start to end, you would have made a great masterpiece.
Fuck willem,
you’re leonardo da vinci?

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I know you’re happy, but please keep your language under control… In many places in the world, this is not a polite expression.

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Ohh sorry.

:smiley: All the kids reading this forum will be so disappointed, not allowing them to learn some “taboo” words

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I wasn’t trying to be harsh here, nor the thought police… Simply from my experience of living in a non-English speaking country, it’s sometimes surprising to see how many people joyfully use the various English ‘four letter words’, without really understanding that they’re offensive in most English-speaking circles - whereas the same words, not being native, aren’t considered nearly as rude in the context of their own language/culture.

So I thought I would toss out this simple reminder…

I myself am not above using a WTF comment in here on rare occasions… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

– Mitch

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That’s the Wisconsin Tourism Federation, right?:grinning:

good morning to all, I wanted to clarify as Helv says, that my expression was just happiness (just fucking happiness).
sorry willem,this script works very well
i love you,
this is a wonderful community

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I am from the Balkans, there people curse at each other as a greeting and farewell :smile:. When cursing is used not offensively it is fine by me.

I am from the US and find it offensive. Do you find it offensive to NOT use cursing? The general approach in this forum is to use language that is universally inoffensive.

Apparently you are neither sorry nor got the point of the criticism. McNeel has been known to ban selected individuals from the forum. Impolite language is easily avoided by well-meaning people and adds nothing to the forum conversation. If it’s attention you seek, I suggest seeking it locally among your like-minded friends, where it will bring you greater satisfaction.

I’m a person I understand, do not get angry, stay calm.
take a deep breath and reflect
you are answering me badly and I did not want to offend anyone.
stay calm.
I understood that a dirty language offends someone.
it was just … joy
ok ok.
no problem I’ll be damned polite now.
good evening

lol @AlW calm down. Expressing your delight and happiness is human right. I am not using such language in this forum but this is not offensive at all. Apparently he’s a temperamental person I respect that. Plus, the F. word was not used as an offense, it is obvious.

I hope what you say is not true McNeel to ban people expressing themselves, not offensively. Having in mind there are tons of way to insult without using offensive words.

Oh, and I doubt in a public international forum there’s rule for using only strict academic English. :smiley: