Autocad 2D boat drawing to 3D

I’ve drawn a racing boat in Autocad LT with all the sections for the ribs. I would really like to draw it in 3D. What it the best approach to do this in Rhino 7? It needs to be very accurate.

One approach

Import the file with the drawing into Rhino.
Copy and position the curves in the drawing appropriately in the Top, Front and Right views.
Move the curves into the appropriate positions.
The next steps depend on the shape of the boat and what curves are in the drawings. Several steps may be needed.

Thanks David,
I found one tutorial that may help do what I want.
I haven’t found any others yet.

@mnelson685 How much experience do you have with Rhino? Have you used any other software for 3D modeling?

I have very little. I have been using Autocad LT for a long time. I use CNC woodworking equipment in my shop but it’s all 2D drawing. I’ve drawn many boats in Autocad LT and cut them out with the CNC but would like to more with 3D.

When you draw boats in AutoCAD LT are you creating new designs, or working from plans and recreating the shape of the parts shown on the plans?

What is the reason to create a 3D model of the racing boat? How confident are you that the shapes of the ribs when assembled will result in a “fair” hull shape?

A good way to learn the basics of Rhino is to download and work through tutorials avalible at The User’s Guide works throught the basics of the Rhino interface and simple 3D modeling. The Level 1 and Level 2 Manuals teach more. It is possible to skip some sections which may cover topics you do not currently need.

Hi David,
Most are new designs. I also do complete new builds of old Vintage race boats. Some were built in Italy. On the vintage boats the customer bring basically a rotten hull and I get as many measurements as I can from it. Then use my experience with the boats to fill in what’s not there to measure. Draw it on AutoCad LT and transfer to the CNC program. The curves on these boats are not very complicated. If there is a out of fair portion, I catch it during the build and adjust. They are wood boats.
I would like to use the 3d for cutting more complicated shapes like plugs for cockpit fiberglass cowlings.