Auto-name&numbering of objects


Per email I was requested for a script to auto-name object with numbering:

I would like now to know if it is possible to have a script how create the name of following a number order, as example kn01, kn02, kn03, kn04….
The problem is, all the lines in my project should have a name with an associated number
I would like to select a couple of lines and the script give the names.

Does anyone have such script laying around?
I’m on a tight schedule and cannot help right now.


Here is a simple one:

Just because it is Friday and we need more python samples, here’s a python version of Dale’s sample :blush:

""" August 2013
Shamelessly stolen from Dale's AutoNameObjects.rvb
import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs

def AutoNameObjects():
    msg = "Select objects to automatically name"
    objects = rs.GetObjects(msg, rs.filter.allobjects, True, True)
    if not objects: return
    prefix = rs.GetString("Object name prefix")
    if not prefix: return
    width = len(str(len(objects)+1))
    for i, obj in enumerate(objects):
        name = prefix + str(i+1).rjust(width, '0')
        rs.ObjectName(obj, name)

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Anyway to modify one of these scripts to give the same name to duplicate objects regardless of there location and I would only need it to work on closed polysurfaces.


It’s almost impossible to tell if one object is an exact duplicate of another if it has been displaced… One could check a number of criteria - same volume, surface area, number of sub-surfaces etc. but it might not be guaranteed 100% if something tiny has changed.


Tiny as in 1/16" difference would be fine…Tiny as in 1/8" would not. I work in stone

Mitch I downloaded your scripts and if I run remapobjs to world (3 point) on each one then seldup picks them up…? I’m sure that doesn’t help much.


Will this work in v6?

just checked, yes it does.