Auto name objects? [SOLVED]

Hi everyone,
I’ve problem with FBX export to Unity.
In each export, Rhino generates random object name and because of that in Unity, object properties changed! it’s really awful!
Is there any solution for “Auto name\label object” ?!

I found this topic but it’s just code, not a plugin(or something like that) to install easily like other 3D softwares!

Thanks in advance.

You can just run that code inside Rhino using LoadScript & RunScript

Thanks for the response, Siemen
Honestly, there’s one more problem that I hadn’t the .rvg file, so with NotePad++ I created a new file and paste scripts in there, finally save it and change the format to rvg, that’s all.

Here’s the file if anyone needs it in future: AutoNameObjects.rvb (983 Bytes)
Works well in Rhino 6.

Of course, it would be way better if this script\feature being part of the software!

@Amin – In case it helps - see the attached version - noodled slightly so that you can drag and drop it once onto an open Rhino window and subsequently automatically have it run like a command if you type

AutoNameObjects_DnD.rvb (1.1 KB)


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