Attracting squishy curves

I didn’t want to revive the “water bubbles” thread but I do have some questions pertaining to it. I’m trying to achieve a similar goal but with an attraction to a point (or attraction to each other AND a point) instead of a predictable gravity/load.

I was trying to tie them to a center point and it works initially, somewhat humorously, but falls apart, chasing the original vectors. It was a ham-fisted approach, I would love to know the proper method.

I’m trying to get as many tangent connections as possible, sloppy circle packing.

blob attraction

squishy crv (16.5 KB)

Thanks for any advice.

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It’s quite nice seeing them slide past each other, reminds me of the hand drawn animation work of one artist - can’t remember the name now - I’ll find it later.
Anyway - to pull them towards a target, the easiest way I think will be to anchor a point in the center, then use lines from the polygons to this to apply tension. ‘Length’ goals would work here, but ‘ConstantTension’ is probably a better option, as it then pulls them all inwards with the same force, whereas the spring-like behaviour of length would pull the outer ones more strongly.

squishy crv (20.9 KB)