Attention McNeel - How can you better engage with students?

Continuing the discussion from Attention Students- What barriers are you facing when learning Rhino?:

31 responses so far and only two are from students… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The problem is students, in general, don’t know what they don’t know.

If they knew what barriers they need to overcome most of them would in short order find out what they need to do to overcome those barriers. Their are plenty of resources for learning if you know in advance what are going to be the stumbling blocks that will hold you back.

why open a new thread instead of just commenting on the original?

I didn’t want to add to the dilution… Particularly by placing a slightly satirical and deliberately ambiguous post in what seemed to be a worthy topic.

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Hello community for the first time asking, I still haven’t quite fully mastered what can or cannot be done with Sub D. Is there a way that I can undo Sub-D so that I can place surfaces in the openings? Or is there that I can Flow on Surface or even Add a Bumpy Texture? The only way I have been shown is via the use of Blender but wondering if there’s a way to add discernable texture?

  1. Having difficulty creating surfaces to act like walls for the following Multi-Piped Sub D structure.

  2. Applying penetrations like a mesh screen structure?
    Thank you so very much in advance, to anyone who is willing to offer any guidance.