Attach a parametric facade to a solid


I have created in GH this parametric facade that varies according to the sun direction.
I need to connect this facade to the surface of an actual building (for example, the one in the attached image).
Can you please advise on how to do that?

Thank you very much for your help.


I managed to reflect the facade on the solid surface but it doesn’t reparameterize properly. It’s probably a silly question but I am pretty new to GH.

Welcome @AGH
Try these Guidelines

Hi @Fred_C

Thanks for your answer. I drop here the GH file hoping it will help.

Surface (24.7 KB)

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check this (22.3 KB)

Hi @vikthor , thanks for your answer but it doesn’t work anyway. The script I created for the facade is correct, I think I’ve made a mistake with the Bounding Box and the Surface Morph, but cannot understand how.

try the flow component, something like the example. I can not help you because its definition does not work for me