Atom rhino-python deprecation errors?

the package is being shown as deprecated. Is anyone seeing this? thanks.

I’m seeing the same error, did you manage to solve it?

yeah, i changed the following line in

i can’t get Atom to run any scripts either, keep getting the “Rhino isn’t listening for requests”.

i’m also getting the following error for auto-completion:

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TypeError: is not a function
    at RhinoProvider.module.exports.RhinoProvider.filterCachedSuggestions (/Users/rgilmore/.atom/packages/rhino-python/lib/
    at RhinoProvider.module.exports.RhinoProvider.getSuggestions (/Users/rgilmore/.atom/packages/rhino-python/lib/
    at /Applications/
    at Array.forEach (native)
    at AutocompleteManager.getSuggestionsFromProviders (/Applications/
    at AutocompleteManager.findSuggestions (/Applications/

did you run the rhino command StartAtomEditorListener ?


i’m seeing the same thing (deprecated message in Atom regarding Rhino)…

other than that, all is working normal here (i can run the script from Atom in Rhino…
autocomplete and help work for the rs.( ) stuff)

is your file saved as .py? the rhino stuff doesn’t work in the generic untitled file.

are you using Atom 1.13.1?

guess it’s time to do a package dance

Atom 1.13.1
rhino-python package 0.8.2

Rhino 5E12w (WIP)

same here.

i just cleared out ~/.atom/storage and rebooted and i can run scripts again and autocomplete is working again. not sure if it was the reboot or deleting the files.

thanks for the replies, that let me know that running and autocomplete was on my end.

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Even though it’s not a problem I just patched the package to take care of the deprecation warning.