Atom crashes / hangs 'frequently'


I have been (for roughly a week) trying to work-my-way through the Rhino-Python booklet (…pdf) exercises and am using a Mac Book Pro (10.10.2) with Atom 0.181.0…
I find atom hangs or crashes ‘frequently’ (3-5 times a day (usually with 5-15 files open / editable))…

Wondering if others are experiencing the same thing with Atom crashes / hangs, or is it just me?

Is there a way (on Mac OS X) to get “BBEdit” to do the same thing Atom does with the “Ctrl - Option - r” to get the ‘open-script-(…py) window’ to run in Rhino ? - to ‘send’ ? -

Maybe use BBEdit until Atom (0.181.0) gets on a more ‘firm’ footing?



for what it’s worth, atom has never crashed or hung on me and i’ve used it a decent amount of time… it might be worth posting at the atom forum to see if anybody there knows why it’s behaving poorly for you.

the way i used to write python for mac rhino was with xcode… then using applescript/automator/system keyboard shortcuts, was able to make something which loosely resembles the control-opt-R ability in atom…
instructions for that in a video here:



excellent suggestion…

I’m mountain biking, right now, but when I get to a “real” keyboard, I’ll do it…

Basically I like Atom a lot, so it is worth it to try & utilize the “built-in” aspects…

thanks, Bill

Fm: Bill’s iPhone 6+


It hasn’t crashed on me either, FWIW. I have accidentally closed when I should have “Kept Waiting” while it is running a command that requires a few steps of input.

Works great with @jeff_hammond cmd+r services setup.