Atan2 function is not correct

I think both the expression and function list must be edited; the order of x and y must be reversed.

atan2 (33.5 KB)

Why don’t you just invert them? Whether the formula is noted atan2(x, y) or atan2(y, x) doesn’t really matter, if the programming underneath is right. These are just variable names.
In general, I find this notation confusing, because it should rather be atan2(opposed, adjacent), since tan = \frac{opposed}{adjacent}, instead of x and y. As I understand it, the function argument order is meant to reflect the denominator following the nominator, who’s on top (e.g. arctan(tan) = arctan(\frac{opposed}{adjacent})).

It matters! I test the component and find out the problem (yes; now I can swap x and y)
but not everybody checks all components before using them! And this will cause a problem.