Asymmetric Catamaran Hull Analysis Orca3D

Is there a demonstration video anywhere of doing the speed power analysis for asymmetric catamaran designs?
If not, can somebody please produce one.

The two parametric methods currently in Orca3D (Savitsky and Holtrop) are not appropriate for asymmetric catamarans. The best approach is to use Orca3D Marine CFD, which is perfectly suited for this type or work. I refer you to a page on our website which describes the software capabilities and pricing:

You can also find demonstration videos on Orca3D Marine CFD here:

Hi Bhays, Can Orca3D run basic hydrostatics for catamaran hulls? If so how should one approach this?

Dear Ben,

Performing a hydrostatics analysis on a catamaran in Orca3D should be no different than doing it on a mono-hull. Make sure your catamaran hull(s) is/are placed in the correct position in Rhino (transversely). You can either use both hulls or use one hull and click the mirror checkbox in the hydrostatics dialog. Like hydrostatics for a mono-hull, if you are doing an analysis where the deck will become submerged (like a righting arm calculation) you will need to model the deck as well.

We are happy to take a look at your model if you are seeing some unexpected results. Otherwise, just read through the section shown below in the Help file and let us know if we can answer any specific questions,

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Larry Leibman

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Ben, see this FAQ for more detail: Loading...