Assign Element workset for Joined elements and Grouped elements

Hi All, in my model there are various elements that are joined and grouped. Is there any workaround to assign workset to those in Grasshopper for Revit? I tried “Set Workset” component, however, workset are not assigned into the joined elements in the model.

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I just pushed an update to the Set Workset python component. Would you mind testing again and sharing an example? Keep in mind some elements follow the workset of their parent.

Hi @eirannejad,

I had run your script and some joined elements still appearing error. The usual way to do it is unjoin these elements, assign workset and rejoin elements. Just wondering if anyway to do it in gh for such?


For grouped elements, I am using ‘Model Categories Picker’ to select elements in Revit. After running you script, all the elements in the group is labelled read only hence no worksets assigned. I will set a condition in my script to assign a specific workset to it. The challenge is how to pick up groups from revit to GH using category picker

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